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Stephen Chan licensed Thrive Programme Consultant can help you using the Thrive Programme in Northern Ireland and via Skype: in Belfast, Portadown, Ulster, Lisburn, Newry, Armagh, Antrim, Lurgan and Dungannon. Northern Ireland


Whatever you goal with your weight – lose weight, weight control, comfort eating, over-eating, slimming, whatever it is, Stephen Chan licensed Thrive Programme Consultant can help you with the Thrive Programme.

If any diet actually worked, there wouldn’t be so many of them!

The reason why diets don’t work is because food isn’t the problem! Just like alcohol isn’t the problem! Just like drugs aren’t the problem!

About 15-20 years ago, if you had anorexia, the “experts” would bang on and on about food! Food! Food! This approach didn’t work. Then one day, someone thought “Wait a minute, it may be that the anorexic has a few emotional problems and/or some cognitive problems which are affecting her in some way, so that the only comfort and control she can get is by not eating and the anorexia is in fact a sign / cry for help?”

And there lies the answer. It’s what drives us do the things that we do that’s the problem. Now it makes sense when you understand there must be something ‘driving’ the person to over-eat, comfort eat, drink too much, or take mind-bending drugs, which is the real problem.

Take a simple case of comfort eating and over-eating. You have someone who is a couple of stones overweight and who is unhappy with their size and shape. They can go to their local “weight watchers” type slimming club and they will lose weight, become slimmer and feel better, until they stop going to the meetings. Then they begin over-eating again, and end up putting the weight back on, and end up feeling worse than they did before!

If this person then went to their G.P, chances are, they would be given drugs to help them lose weight (while having to live with the side-effects in the process)! Then what happens when they come off the drugs? They put weight back on and feel worse than they ever did before they started taking the drugs.

If this person undertook any one of the new ‘wonder therapies’ that relied on, say, tapping certain points on their body; or chanting a special mantra to themselves day in, day out; or trying to convince themselves that ‘it is only chocolate, not love’; or reliving their previous life as the Queen of Sheba or whatever. Then they will probably experience some weight loss for a while, then over-eat again and put weight back on and then again feel even worse than before they ever saw the advert in the ‘personal column’ of their local newspaper.

Surely, it makes much more sense to find out WHY the person comfort eats in the first place and then resolve whatever is driving this need. This way, they wouldn’t go back to their old unhelpful habits as soon as the ‘spell’ wore off. In fact, their self- esteem and self-confidence would just grow and grow and grow!

Does this sound like the hamster wheel you have been on?

Well, I can help you reach and maintain the ideal size that you want, and help you build your self- esteem and self-confidence in the process.

Testimonial from J…

I just wanted to thank you so much for all the help you have given me over the course of my therapy. I have battled with my weight for years and was always looking for that “quick fix.” However having lost a lot of weight recently and getting to my dream size 12, only to start piling it on again, I realised there had to be underlying issues.

To finally understand why I felt the way I did about so many things truly does feel like a weight has been lifted: to describe it as a journey of self-discovery is an understatement. I never considered myself as someone who had low self-esteem but now I know I did and more importantly why.

I have already lost some weight and look forward to when I can email you again and tell you that I’ve got where I want to be, but seriously I don’t feel nervous or under-confident about whether I will or not … I’m ready to take on the world!! Ever grateful, J

My Guarantee to you.

With over a decade’s worth of knowledge and the professional experience necessary to assist in many areas such as: weight control, weight loss, phobias, Emetophobia (fear of being sick), pain management, stop smoking, children’s problems, stress, I.B.S. (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), surgery – pre-operative and post-operative recovery, sexual problems, premature ejaculation, impotence, vaginismus, and depression.

You will receive the best possible help to enable you to become the YOU that YOU want to be, in a professional, caring, confidential, understanding and no nonsense manner.

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