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Addictions, addictive behaviours and gambling addiction in particular are becoming more common in today’s society. Gambling is becoming a more widespread problem due to on-line gambling sites that ‘conveniently’ allow you to be only a few clicks away from a whole host of gambling activities 24/7.

Gambling has been re-branded into something that is now looked upon as socially acceptable, and ‘normalised’ through TV advertising, the media, the National Lottery and government legislation which has allowed casinos to spring up all over the place. This has created the distorted thinking that it’s OK/normal to spend your money on games of chance…and this is how we are ‘reeled in’.

However, for many people, it doesn’t remain a “little flutter now and again” for very long – especially how we are basically creatures of habit.

Gambling addiction, as with other addictions is a compulsive behaviour, so it shares the same psychological mechanisms that drive other compulsive behaviours. Let me explain, gamblers feel a build-up of excitement at the thought of having a flutter. It’s the same thing that happens whenever you are really looking forward to something we think of as pleasurable.

So, the expectation just builds and builds, so when they finally do it, they have worked themselves into such a state its almost a relief when they do it. Then, if they win, this only serves to reinforce the belief that it is OK; indeed, ‘If I won that time, How great am I and perhaps I can win again’. However, there is an old saying that goes, “The thrill of the chase is better than the final outcome itself”. It’s this excitement and expectation that the gambler creates over the thought of a potential win that ‘drives’ the whole process.

However, the odds will always be stacked in the bookies’/casinos’ favour. So, the belief that you will beat or outsmart them is in reality, nothing more than very costly ‘wishful thinking’. Bookies / casinos are in the business of taking your money – always remember this!

So, clearly it isn’t just about the dreams of ‘becoming rich’ through gambling that drives the compulsion to gambling, it’s also about the feelings involved with the activity e.g. the excitement, the anticipation, the buzz, and the inevitable feeling of guilt that follows all losses of money when it all goes belly up.

When their feelings of guilt increase, the gambler will carry on gambling to not only satisfy their desire, but also in an attempt to recoup their amounting debts. So, now they are gripped in a cycle of feeling excitement as they dream of winning, then having to deal with the feelings of loss and guilt until they lose everything! What started out as a compulsive behaviour can develop into an obsession where the person thinks about gambling most of their waking hours, even when they aren’t physically gambling.

Many other treatments fail to recognise the act of gambling as a symptom, so the the real reason or driving force behind the symptom will still be there.

Take alcohol problems for example; it’s not the alcohol that’s the problem. The problem is what drives the person to think they need it in the first place. Therefore, if someone with a alcohol or gambling problem, manages to go cold turkey and stop their compulsive behaviour. They will most likely replace the original ‘addictive’ behaviour with another compulsive activity such as over-eating, drug use, compulsive spending etc. This is all because the real problems, the driving force will still be there, so the person won’t truly be free of their compulsive behaviour patterns. This is precisely why many alcoholics, say, still consider themselves as (recovered) alcoholics, even after years and years of sobriety.

My aim is to help my clients to resolve and overcome the real driving forces (the cause) of their compulsive behaviour, which will allow them to permanently live happier and more prosperous lives.

Watch Gerald’s testimonial and how he beat his gambling problem and took control of his life again!

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