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Emetophobia or the fear of being sick, puking, throwing up, gagging, choking, vomit phobia, sickness phobia. If you are seeking for help for Emetophobia with permanent results then please contact me at the Thrive Programme in Northern Ireland .

If you fear being sick, puking, chucking up, gagging, choking, vomit, vomiting or throwing up, you’re not alone! Emetophobia is actually the sixth most common phobia in the UK and is ‘predictably’ more common with females than males.

Stephen Chan specialises in helping people with a fear of being sick, which can obviously and affect people in many different ways. For example, it doesn’t necessarily even have to be the fear of themselves being sick. It can manifest in the fear of others being sick, or even the mention or sight of sick, puke or vomit, just this can be enough to cause the phobic reactions of intense feelings of fear, disgust, panic and, you’ve guessed it, feeling sick.

If you have a fear of sick then understandably you are going to feel uncomfortable about places where there is a possibility of yourself (or others) being sick e.g. pubs, restaurants, clubs, eating in front of others etc. And, because of the connection between eating and being sick, you are likely to be a little obsessive and ‘picky’ about what and where you will eat. All of which can lead to a pre-occupation with illness, tummy bugs and food poisoning, which can result in the avoidance of certain food types, in this constant battle to eliminate the risk of ever feeling / being sick.

Even a fear of motion sickness would make most forms travel a real problem and some women have even been known to develop an obvious fear of pregnancy – you see why Emetophobia is probably the most debilitating phobia in the world.

This is Mary, she twice refused chemotherapy, even when she was warned that she could die without it. Mary suffered with severe emetophobia for 75 years – just look at her now!

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