Why do we keep doing something that isn’t working?

The current mental health model is seriously flawed because it looks at mental health as something really complicated – is it something to do with the past, or genetics? Is it some sort of brain chemistry malfunction, or because of fate/karma/bad luck etc?

Is there any wonder we can’t see the wood for the trees?!

Research has already proven that mental health is very predictable. If you have friends who suffer with depression, listen to them and you will notice that they will share certain beliefs and thinking habits. OCD sufferers typically all share certain thinking habits and beliefs. Anyone with a phobia, regardless of what the phobia is will share certain thinking habits and perspectives, perhaps about different things, but still the same way of thinking.

Research has also shown that people who are thriving and flourishing in life don’t share the same beliefs and thinking habits as people who aren’t thriving and flourishing. Here’s the best news – we aren’t born with beliefs or thinking habits, we learn them, which means we can unlearn them!