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  • Learn how you can conquer your fears, phobias, panic, anxiety, depression or stress!

  • Learn how you can develop both the mind-set and skill-set to bounce back from any setback!

  • Learn how you can feel in control of your thoughts, emotions and reactions – to feel in control of life!


The Thrive Consultant of the year

For over a decade now award winning Thrive Programme consultant Stephen Chan has from his Malone Road, Belfast and Gilford Road, Portadown clinics, and worldwide via Skype and FaceTime, helped to transform the lives of thousands of people like you, by showing them how to take back their sense of control, their power and their peace of mind to live their lives their way!

This is done by using what is rapidly proving to be one of the most powerful, effective and permanently life changing forms of researched treatments available today –           The Thrive Programme®.

How I can help you?

The Thrive Programme® is the research backed specialised psychological, mind training programme that is producing predictable, measurable and lasting results within weeks. Proving it to be more effective than the other treatments that you have already tried with little or no lasting relief in return.

John beats 10 yrs of depression with me within weeks – so can you!

(Watch and be inspired by even more videos on the testimonials page.)

The Thrive Programme® help you to identify the ‘real’ reasons why you feel and react the way you do to life. Once this is done you then learn how to develop both the mind-set and the skill-set to correct what is the driving force’ behind your problems/symptoms – the unhelpful way you think and process things. Thinking and processing things the way you do actually affects your levels of self-esteem and your own personal sense of power and control over your life’s events. Whenever our sense of power and control is compromised, our minds and bodies will instinctively react by producing emotional and physical symptoms such as;



I.B.S. (irritable bowel syndrome)

Panic attacks.

Weight control problems


Emetophobia (fear of being sick/vomit)

Sexual problems (erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, vaginismus etc.)

Emotional problems

Anorexia and bulimia

And many more…

Or will drive you to do something in an attempt to comfort yourself, such as ;

Alcohol and drug dependency

Over eating






Cleaning…and many more…

Take phobias for example, like most people you have probably believed in the ‘logical’ theory that to have a phobia about, say dogs or flying, then you must have had a bad experience with either dogs or flying (which would seem logical) which then created the phobia?

But, in my experience, phobias are linked to the very uncomfortable feelings connected to feeling out of control. This means that it is the fear of feeling out of control that is the actually ‘driving force’ behind a phobia. In other words, the less control you feel you have in any given situation, the more anxiety and fear you will feel, all of which has nothing to do with dogs or flying other than they are simply symbolic of a lack of control in the eyes of the beholder.

For example, take the fear of flying – is it possible to feel any more out of control when you are sitting in a tin can’ 2000 ft up in the air? Can you now see how it isn’t so much a fear of disaster, but actually the fear of feeling out of control, which the brain has symbolically projected onto flying or any other situation they don’t feel they have control over (people with phobias generally have other ‘out of control’ type situations which they will also avoid). Now it’s understandable how, people here in the North and South of Ireland can create a snake phobia without ever having met one, let alone had a bad experience with one, and despite there being no snakes in Ireland!

This is the main reason why most other therapies or traditional hypnotherapy can only give you limited or no lasting relief from your problems / symptoms because they don’t address the ‘root’ of your problem. Yes, they may have made your last flight a little more bearable, but did they affect your overall day to day anxiety levels…NO!

In, fact you probably noticed that you got a little more anxious about something else because, here’s the bad news, this doesn’t only effect one area of your life.

For example…someone came to see me in my Malone Road clinic for help, they had previously received treatment (not from me) for a severe blushing problem. The treatment seemed to have helped somewhat but didn’t resolved it completely. She was consulting me for help for her excessive sweating. When I asked her when this became a problem, she realised that it surfaced around the time her symptom of blushing lessened!

I can help you to safely and comfortably resolve your symptoms. Leaving you feeling at peace and in total control to get on with the business of living the life that you have always wanted.


Call me now on 07854877882 and book your free consultation to learn more about how YOU can take back the power and control and of your life!.

My Guarantee to you.

With over a decade’s worth of knowledge and the professional experience necessary to assist in many areas such as: weight control, weight loss, phobias, Emetophobia (fear of being sick), pain management, stop smoking, children’s problems, stress, I.B.S. (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), surgery – pre-operative and post-operative recovery, sexual problems, premature ejaculation, impotence, vaginismus, and depression.

You will receive the best possible help to enable you to become the YOU that YOU want to be, in a professional, caring, confidential, understanding and no nonsense manner.

Book yourself in for your FREE Consultation in either my Malone Road, Belfast or Gilford Road, Portadown clinics, which are within easy reach of Lisburn, Newry, Armagh, Antrim, Lurgan and Dundalk for a private one to one chat about your problems and allow me to explain to you exactly how I can help.

Call me on my confidential me on 07854 877 882 to arrange your free consultation.

There will be no need to speak to anyone other than myself, and I promise that your problems will be discussed with the greatest of sensitivity and strictest confidence. Please note, because of the volume of clientèle there is a strong possibility you will be connected to my personal answering service, if this is the case just leave your name and number and when I return the call I will not give my name and I will ask for and talk only to you.

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